About the tutor

Chris Fewings writes poetry, fiction, memoir, and reflective articles, some of which have been published. He has ten years of experience of teaching in adult education and in 2015 completed a short postgraduate course entitled ‘Teaching Creative Writing’ at Manchester Metropolitan University. He’s a professional member of the National Association of Writers in Education.

His love of the written word is matched by an interest in people, how they learn and how they express themselves.

Chris Fewings (profile) 2012
Chris Fewings

“My goal is to elicit original work from students and encourage them to improve their own writing, rather than to impose rules. Experimenting with different styles of writing is a joy and something I aim to share with others. It’s a privilege to be entrusted with other people’s work and to watch it grow.”

“Chris Fewings’ work always takes me by surprise. He sees and writes about things from another angle, his voice sharp and clear and refreshingly distinctive. He puts other eyes in your head, and is one of the few writers I think of as being a real original.” – David Calcutt, playwright, poet and novelist

About Chris Fewings

Full name: Chris Fewings Duggan