Write your story: Autumn 2015

A fortnightly series of evening sessions on Tuesdays (7-9pm) in Moseley, Birmingham, facilitated by Chris Fewings. The focus is life writing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean writing your autobiography! It could be a fictionalised account of your life, or a journal, or a memoir of someone you know, or a biography of someone you admire.

Join us to help you shape your narrative and bring it alive!

Venue: Moseley Exchange, 149-153 Alcester Road, Birmingham B13 8JP (see map)
Tutor: Chris Fewings

Chris is the author of A Glossary of my Grandmother, a short alphabetic novella, and of unpublished memoirs. See also this piece on his father.

▾ Dates

Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016. The sessions take place every two weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. You can come for single sessions but coming regularly is recommended! Please book in advance by contacting Chris Fewings – there are only a few places left. 6 & 20 Oct, 3 & 17 Nov, 1 Dec 2015. Feb 2 & 16, Mar 1 & 15 & 29 2016.

▾ Cost

You get a discount if you come to both the fiction and life writing sessions, and another if you attend both the autumn and spring courses.
One session: £10
One series (5 sessions): £45
Two series (10 sessions): £80

Interested? Contact Chris Fewings!

▾ About Life Writing

Life writing covers biography, autobiography, journalling and memoir – memoir may refer to a complete autobiography but more often to writing about one particular period or aspect of your life. Biographical writing could be about a family member or someone you know, and it may overlap with memoir if it includes an account of the relationship between the writer and the subject. Biography of historical figures or notable living people that you haven’t met often involves a lot of research. Like a journal or memoir, it can be very specialised because it focuses on one aspect of a life – for example, a nature journal, a memoir of your life as a musician, or a biography of a scientist which focuses very much on the science. In these forms life writing crosses over with other forms of creative non-fiction. At the other end of the scale, it may contain fictional elements.

▾ Other courses:

The Writer’s Craft on Friday afternoons (weekly)
Writing Poetry on Saturday afternoons (monthly)
One-to-one feedback on your writing, in person, by email or online.

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